It is a company with a long experience in the field of natural medicine.
It is composed of a team of naturopaths with a long career as therapists and the result of this experience we have developed some dietary compounds that have the highest efficiency to strengthen our body and combat a multitude of pathologies.

Our products are made with raw materials of the highest quality, from organic farming. We are aware of the importance of this and that is why our commitment to quality is total and priority. All our products, from manufacturing to marketing to our customers, go through a strict control that guarantees that they meet and conform to the technical specifications; identification, purity, traceability and other characteristics required by current regulations.

Our goal is to offer our products to alleviate the ailments of people with natural products and non-aggressive to the body.

We are dedicated to the Marketing and Distribution of the following range of products:

Essential oils chemotyped AEQT

Vegetable oils

Powder Plant Compounds / Extracts / Liquids and Syrups